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nJoy Nature Kit Ultimate 30

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Are you passionate about the art of Aromatherapy and do you want to explore more the healing world of pure essential oils? Then you are in the right place! nJoy Nature has prepared a special kit in which you are revealed the wonderfully fragrant aromas of 30 essential oils, collected from around the world. In addition, these oils come to you together with a special wooden support, handmade with care and skill. Let's enjoy together and choose Kit Ultimate 30 to have a special fragrant experience.

• The package contains 30 Essential Oils: Sweet OrangeLavenderPeppermint
LemongrassCinnamonFrankincenseLemonYlang YlangRosemaryPatchouliTea TreeOreganoGrapefruitBergamot
Clary Sage, Basil, Geranium, Cedar Wood, Clove Bud, Cypress, Yara Yara, Thyme, Turmeric Root, Winter Green, Harshiangar 5ml, Jasmine 5ml, Neroli 5ml, Sandal Wood 5ml, Rose Geranium 5ml, Palo Santo 5ml

• You only want the first 6 oils? Check Kit Starter 6. You only want the first 15 oils? Check Kit Advanced 15

• The bottles are 5ml / 15ml and contain a dropper lid

• External use / aromatherapy / direct inhalation / cosmetic use

• Therapeutic grade / 100% pure

The wooden support is included in the Kit, and is delivered together with the 30 Essential Oils.

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Fragrances can improve your health and lifestyle. Some essential oils can help you get a restful sleep, find peace or improve your digestion; their benefits go beyond the pleasant smell.

Kit Ultimate 30 is a comprehensive package that offers you a wide variety of 100% pure essential oils, of the best quality.

Sweet Orange - Happiness,Promotes Well-Being,Freshness,Tonic & Energizing
It is an uplifting oil of happiness and light, which promotes a peaceful sleep, due to its sedative properties. It is a light and gentle oil, being among the most used essential oils in aromatherapy. It has a wonderful aroma, warm and sweet, citrus and fruity, it is a wonderful antidepressant.


Lavender - Good for Kids,Calming,Reduces Stress
It has a rich and fresh floral scent, being a generous and gentle oil, with countless benefits and properties. Lavender oil balances and prevents equally, strengthens the immune system and takes care of any skin type. It is also effective in skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema or acne. It brings a state of harmony both mentally and emotionally and balances the energies in the body. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Peppermint - Antiviral,Against hair loss,Reduces Stress,Spa,Stimulative
The menthol content makes it a cool oil, very good for skin and pain. From an emotional point of view, Peppermint oil stimulates, helps to concentrate and energizes. It is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and should not be used before bed. Its aroma is very mentholated and fragrant, reminiscent of mint candies, but it is a much more concentrated and intense aroma, with a sharp, fresh and refreshing smell.


Lemongrass - Cleans & Refresh,Purifier,Reduces Anxiety
Lemongrass oil is very helpful in sensitive moments, when the emotional is low. From an aromatic point of view, it combines harmoniously with woody, mentholated, herbaceous or citrus oils. Lemongrass oil is very strong and should be used in small quantities. Its aroma is clear, clean, slightly pungent, with a distinct hint of citrus (lemon) and green herbs. It is an exotic and fresh scent, very aromatic, which purifies and energizes.

Cinnamon -  Antibacterial,Antiviral,Promotes Well-Being,Tonic & Energizing
It is especially notable for its amazing aromatic properties, being highly valued for thousands of years and representing a particularly valuable commodity in the Orient. The aroma of Cinnamon oil is sweet and warm, invigorating and energizing. It is a fire oil, which warms and purifies through its scent. It strengthens and heals the mind and body. Its smell is intense and durable. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight fungal reactions and nail fungus. It is a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates and purifies the energies in the body. Fights colds and flu and lowers fever.

Frankincense - Calming,Sensitive Skin,Promotes Well-Being,Relaxes
Frankincense essential oil is brought from India, being a spiritual and purifying oil, which helps us to keep calm and concentrate, relaxing the mind. It is a very important oil, with many impressive and powerful properties and benefits. It has a resinous aroma, with woody shades and fresh lemon tones. The oil is mainly used for its benefits on the skin, it regenerates and rejuvenates it, perfect for a peeling or scratces, for example. Helps to open spiritually, stops bleeding gums and relaxes muscle aches or cramps.

Lemon - Antibacterial,Good for Kids,Cleans & Refresh,Elevating,Attention & Concentration
Lemon essential oil, Citrus Limonum, is a good stimulant of the psyche and is very helpful in meditation. It is a light and fresh oil, compatible with most essential oils, with a sharp and pungent aroma of citrus, with fruity and sweet notes. Due to its uplifting properties, Lemon essential oil is very suitable for increasing concentration and focus. It has a strong influence in restoring the acid / base balance in the body. It can be used as a natural deodorant and mixed with shampoo, strengthens the blonde hue of the hair. It is an energy purifying oil that cleanses and increases personal vibration and energy.


Ylang Ylang - Calming,Cleans & Refresh,Promotes Well-Being

Ylang Ylang essential oil, Cananga odorata, is a floral and sweet oil, which has healing properties and has a protective role on the body and emotional state. It is an aromatic oil that calms the mind and body. Its name means Flower of Flowers. Its aroma is very tropical and strong, floral and fruity, which gives intensity and shine to the blends. It has a protective role and helps to cultivate feelings of joy and euphoria. It is a good relaxant, which calms the mind and body, but it is also an effective tonic. Ylang Ylang essential oil refreshes and brightens the mood by reducing the level of emotional stress.

Rosemary - Antibacterial,Attention & Concentration
Rosemary essential oil (Rosemary), Rosmarinus officinalis, is a complex oil, used to increase the power of concentration and intensify memory. It strengthens the senses, calms, relaxes and provides a state of well-being. It has been used since antiquity by the Romans in religious rituals, being a purifying oil. Rosemary essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties due to its carnosol, which is in its chemical composition. Its aroma is full of freshness, strong and green, with notes of camphor. It has a slightly medicinal smell, being a recognized medicinal plant, with sweet and herbaceous notes. Rosemary essential oil is a perfect tonic for both hair and skin, as well as for the brain and nervous system.


Patchouli - Calming,Balances,Sensitive Skin
Patchouli essential oil is characterized by its strong smell of musk, a mysterious floral aroma, being used for thousands of years for spiritual openness, emotional healing and abundance. It has a unique aroma, with a strong homogeneous smell, slightly sweet, with woody, grassy and earthy notes. It is very helpful for balancing and focusing on emotional states, helps to regenerate the skin, calms the mind and reduces nervous tension.

Tea Tree - Antiviral,Cleans & Refresh,Promotes Well-Being,Purifier,Anti fungal
It is the most widespread and used to fight skin and mucosal infections. It is a "must-have" in the aromatherapy kit. Its aroma is fresh and strong, with earthy, woody and grassy notes, in an intense-healing combination. It strengthens confidence, fights anxiety and strengthens the immune system.


Oregano - Antiviral,Calming,Immunity,Anti fever,Anti fungal,Antiseptic
Oregano is a Mediterranean plant used since antiquity for its strong, healing properties. The Greeks healed their wounds by applying oil and oregano leaves to painful areas and used it as an antidote for venomous bites. The Romans improved their digestion and neutralized the venomous bite of spiders. It is also known as "wild marjoram". The high concentration of carvacrol in the composition of oregano essential oil makes it the perfect antibiotic. It has a woody and grassy aroma, intensely aromatic, which maintains its freshness and sharpness. It is similar to camphor.


Grapefruit - Good for Kids,Detox,Elevating,Tonic & Energizing
Grapefruit essential oil, Citrus paradisi, has a wonderful effect on the senses and mood. It is a natural hybrid, between orange and pomelo, with properties similar to those of Lemon essential oil. Its aroma is extraordinarily fruity, sweet-bitter, full of freshness. Grapefruit essential oil energizes and refreshes, due to the release of endorphins, which triggers emotions of love and happiness. It is a suitable remedy in the fight against depression and it is also a natural antiseptic that we can use to refresh the house. This essential oil is rich in vitamin C and helps strengthen the immune system. Fights cellulite and stretch marks. For spiritual and emotional purposes, it can be used in massage oil to increase the ability to express, gently massaging the solar plexus.

Bergamot - Good for Kids,Elevating,Promotes Well-Being,Freshness
Bergamot essential oil, Citrus Aur Bergamia, is a soothing oil, being very precious both physically and emotionally. It has a complex aroma, being a versatile oil, which can be easily mixed with other essential oils, especially floral ones (Neroli, Rose) and herbaceous (Lavender, Sage). Although it is part of the citrus family, Bergamot essential oil does not have their typical aroma, but has a more subtle, sweet flower aroma, similar to that of Lavender, which remains in the air once we exceed the initial citrus aroma. It is a refreshing essential oil, very helpful in case of pain, cramps and itching. Emotionally uplifting, it improves self-image, inner love, raises vibration and creates harmony. In combination with Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oil, it helps to reduce depression.

Clary Sage - Calming,Promotes Well-Being,Reduces Stress,Relaxes
It is used in alternative natural medicine and Ayurveda, being a tonic that harmoniously balances the energies in the body. Clary Sage essential oil is perfect for body, mind and soul. This oil has been called "Women's Oil" because of its benefits for women's health, especially in terms of menstruation and menopause. It has a sweet and fresh aroma, with grassy and warm tones that blend harmoniously. It stimulates dreams, reduces stress and calms the mind, being an oil used in case of menstrual discomfort and hormonal disorders. Successfully balances the chakras.


Basil - Good for Kids,Fights migraines,Against hair loss,Restore & Fortify,Attention & Concentration
Basil essential oil is an energizing oil and is most effective during the day, especially in the morning. Basil oil is a spiritual protective oil, renews and protects energetically, acting on the neck and heart chakras. It provides clarity and good mood, being an uplifting oil. Sweet and grassy aroma, with a slight hint of licorice; it is a slightly spicy oil, full of freshness, which intensely revitalizes and tones the body.

Geranium - Balances,Sensitive Skin,Stimulative,Tonic & Energizing
Geranium essential oil, Pelargonium Graveolens, has been used since ancient times to treat wounds and beautify women's hair and skin. This essential oil is particularly strong, has the greatest power of centering and balancing on all levels. It is an oil dedicated to the feminine, being very useful in the case of menstruation, menopause or the reproductive system. It is a soothing oil that harmonizes and provides a state of peace, very useful in times of anxiety or depression. The aroma of Geranium essential oil is particularly strong, floral and sweet, with hints of rose, a fresh and slightly fruity scent that predominates in blends. It creates a space full of freshness, relaxation and harmony and balances the neck chakra.

Cedar Wood - Good for Kids,Focuses,Balances,Against hair loss,Antiseptic
Cedar is considered to be the tree of the gods, having special healing effects and is one of the oldest essential oils used. Emotionally, cedar essential oil centers and soothes, being very useful in times of conflict and agitation. It has a warm and woody aroma, which reminds us of the smell of forests and is an ideal combination of earthy and resinous essences. Cedar essential oil is usually used in the manufacture of men's perfumes. It is also used to maintain healthy hair and increase self-confidence.

Clove Bud - Antibacterial,Antiviral,Anti oxidant,Sedative,Stimulative,Tonic & Energizing,Anti inflammatory,Anti fungal,Antiseptic
The therapeutic properties of Clove oil are known in ancient Chinese medicine, being used as food and medicine against diseases and pain. The oil contains up to 85% Eugenol, which contributes dramatically to its therapeutic properties and aroma. Clove essential oil is very useful in pain relief, energy refreshment and mental stimulation. It is a strong oil and can sometimes irritate the skin, so it is recommended to use it in small amounts, especially applied to the skin with a carrier oil.
The aroma of cloves is strong, hot and spicy, with woody and fresh notes, slightly bitter. This aroma matches the aroma of Cinnamon oil, as well as those from the citrus family, floral, resinous and woody.


Cypress - Anti oxidant,Calming,Immunity,Tonic & Energizing,Anti inflammatory,Antiseptic
Cypress oil is very useful in cases of fatigue or concentration, used since ancient times by Egyptians and Greeks, and today used as a purifier in spiritual rituals. It is uplifting emotionally and tonically on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. Its aroma is woody and fresh, with shades of conifers. It has strong energizing and toning effects, with slightly grassy hues. It is a particularly exotic and refined aroma, slightly fruity.

Yara Yara - Focuses,Balances,Sensitive Skin

Yara Yara essential oil is a highly concentrated oil, used since antiquity, with strong healing properties. Regenerating, tonic and anti-inflammatory, it has properties that place it among the most important medicinal oils. It is an essential oil dedicated to the feminine, which regulates hormones, balances the chakras and energies in the body and purifies on all levels. In ancient China, the aroma of the oil represented the balance between yin and yang, restoring the balance between feminine and masculine energy. It has an aroma full of freshness, deep and mysterious, with grassy and floral notes that resamble camphor. Yerrow essential oil opens the soul, awakens spiritually, heals emotionally and strengthens the aura. Moisturizes the skin, stimulating the affected skin cells and removes bacteria. Removes dandruff and hair loss and promotes hair growth.


Thyme - Antiviral,Calming,Anti Cellulite,Balances,Immunity,Stimulative,Tonic & Energizing
The Greeks and Romans of ancient civilizations appreciated Thyme as an important plant with healing properties, used during religious rituals and ceremonies. It is considered to be one of the most important and used plants in Europe, along with Oregano and Tea Tree. Historically, thyme essential oil has been used against bacteria and viruses. Due to its strong properties, this oil is an important ingredient in blends specific to the cold season. Fresh, herbaceous and slightly medicinal aroma, Thyme essential oil has an intense and deep fragrance.

Turmeric Root - Calming,Fights Anxiety,Anti depressant,Sensitive Skin
Turmeric essential oil is used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine and has an impressive history since antiquity, thus inspiring its use in modern medicine today. In Indian culture this special plant is known as "Kanchani", from Sanskrit, which means "Golden Goddess". Turmeric oil is a powerful purifier and cleanser on all levels, purifying the body both internally and externally. It is a warm, spicy-flavored oil with woody, earthy notes. It is full of freshness, vibrant, with slightly exotic notes. Its aroma is woody, similar to turmeric powder used in oriental cuisine, but it is much more intense and vibrant.

Winter Green - Fights migraines,Sensitive Skin,Cold & Flu
It is also called Himalayan Willow and is part of the category of strong medicinal oils. It relieves pain and lowers fever, being also called Aspirin aromatherapy, due to the methyl salicylate compound present in a proportion of up to 99%. Its aroma is invigorating, slightly sweet, strong and mentholated, slightly pungent. Improves blood circulation, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, being a heating oil. It is an oil that regenerates the skin, stimulates the immune system and must be used carefully and in small dilutions.

Harshiangar 5ml - Balances,Immunity,Sensitive Skin,Promotes Well-Being,Cold & Flu,Antiseptic
It translates as the night jasmine, but it is also called the flourishing jasmine of India, attributed to young brides and is a symbol of pure love. It is a warming oil, valuable for the female reproductive system and facilitates birth. It is a powerful oil that unlocks energetically and balances. It is very helpful during spiritual rituals and meditation, because it reduces inhibitions, increases the power of concentration, intuition and imagination. Harshiangar essential oil helps us to open our hearts, to love more intensely and to dream more clearly and more beautifully. Its aroma is exotic, strong and warm, floral and tonic, which refreshes the senses.

Jasmine 5ml - Fights Anxiety,Fights migraines,Balances,Reduces Anxiety
Its name comes from the Persian word "jasmine", which means "God's Gift", being an oil associated with Love.The essential oil of Jasmine is a powerful one, which balances the feminine and masculine energies, brings happiness in souls, due to the relaxing effect and It unlocks the chakras, especially the heart, works hard emotionally, being an uplifting oil.In Ancient Egypt, the flower of Jasmine was attributed to the goddess Isis, the goddess of fertility, healing and magic. It has a relaxing floral aroma, which opens the soul to absolute love, its exotic aroma harmonizes and warms, and its dizzying hues give Jasmine the title of Queen of the Night. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac, which stimulates creativity and is beneficial for skin health.

Neroli 5ml - Good for Kids,Regenerates,Relaxes
Neroli essential oil, obtained from orange flowers, is an airy and light oil, similar to spring and freshly blossomed flowers. This oil is suitable for spiritual openness, serenity and self-acceptance, being a delight at the first smell. The bearer of the energy of pure love and light, Neroli melts sadness and brings peace and calm. This oil is indispensable in healing early emotional traumas and is a good help during an emotional crisis, suffering or sadness. It gives a touch of hope and promotes courage. Neroli essential oil opens us in such a way that we love ourselves unconditionally and receive love to flow freely in our whole being. It is mainly used for skin care and emotional health, it encourages happiness and inner peace. This oil stimulates the second chakra (svadhisthana / sacral center) and the fourth (anahata / heart).


Sandal Wood 5ml - Anti oxidant,Promotes Well-Being,Regenerates,Anti inflammatory
Sandalwood oil is extracted from the core of the tree trunk and from the root, by steam distillation. It is an essential oil that relaxes and calms in moments of stress, regenerates and purifies, encouraging moments of introspection. Sandalwood essential oil centers and ground, being useful in balancing the chakras, finding and maintaining inner peace. It has an exotic and sweet aroma, with woody nuances. It is rich, uplifting and intense, used in perfumes, which connects us with the energy of the earth. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac.


Rose Geranium 5ml - Balances,Sensitive Skin,Promotes Well-Being,Freshness,Tonic & Energizing
The oil is extracted from the flower's petals, by steam distillation, the plant being native to South Africa. Rose Geranium is a type of Geranium plant, with leaves and flowers that smell of rose. It is a strong, sensual, balancing oil, it is uplifting and moisturizing, known as the Oil of Happiness, bringing optimism and good mood. Used in Aromatherapy, Rose Geranium essential oil has a calming, mild sedative effect that promotes relaxation, emotional stability and well-being. Its fresh aroma and rose intertwines with that of the Geranium flower, from which we obtain a citrus-floral note, which warms and purifies. It is a gentle and elegant scent, bringing smiles. It reduces stress and tension of any kind, treats nervous system imbalances and harmonizes the soul.

Palo Santo 5ml - Soothes cough,Combats Muscle & Joint Pain,Sensitive Skin
It is also called the Holy Wood, is native to Peru and is extracted from the fallen branches of the tree, which are left to soak in a process of strengthening the properties for a period of time. It has been used by shamans and curanderos for centuries, in rituals, prayers and especially for healing. Its aroma removes negative energy and helps to calm. For the use of wood, only dry and naturally fallen branches are taken from the ground, out of respect for the sacred properties it holds; living trees can never be cut down, being protected by law. Palo Santo is also called the Wood of Synchronicities and is similar to Frankincense, having in their composition large quantities of Limonene. Palo Santo centers, calms and helps balance the chakras. It has a unique aroma, sweet and woody, with fruity, resinous and grassy notes, with a slight hint of menthol.

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