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Njoy-nature Ulei Esential Pur Ylang Ylang Aromaterapie Cananga Odorata Ylang Ylang / Cananga Odorata Essential Oil 15ml

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Ylang Ylang essential oil is extracted from the flower of the plant and is obtained by steam distillation. Ylang Ylang is a tropical tree that can reach 20 meters, with large and fragrant flowers, pink, purple or yellow. This oil is a sweet and floral one, with healing properties and has a protective role on the body and emotional state. It is a particularly aromatic oil, with a calming effect for the mind and body. The name Ylang Ylang means Flower of Flowers.

Base Note
Ylang-Ylang has a strong and sweet aroma, homogeneous and tropical, floral and fruity. It is very beneficial in combination with other oils, because it gives intensity to blends.


• Protective role, for healthy skin and hair
• Succeeds in refreshing and brightening the mood by reducing the level of emotional stress
• Promotes optimism
• It is tonic for body and mind, according to traditional medicine
• It is a good relaxant, calms the mind and body
• Helps cultivate feelings of joy and euphoria.


• External use / aromatherapy / direct inhalation / cosmetic use
• Therapeutic grade / 100% pure
• Quantity: 15ml


• This product can be purchased with Advanced Kit 15, Ultimate Kit 30Kit Spring Special 4 or Kit Woman 6


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• Origin: Madagascar, Reunion, Comoros
• Latin name: Cananga odorata var genuina
• Botanical family: Annonaceae
• Main chemical compounds: Linalool, Geranyl acetate, para-cresyl methyl ether
• Extraction method: steam distillation
• The part of the plant from which the essential oil is extracted: flowers
• Effect: helps calm the nervous system, promotes relaxation and fights anxiety; helps improve libido due to its highly relaxing and soothing qualities
• Compatible oils: Bergamot, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender, Marjoram, Sandalwood, Vetiver.

Calming, Cleans & Refresh, Promotes Well-Being

When using Ylang Ylang essential oil for the first time, be careful not to use it in high concentrations, as it can cause headaches for some people. Avoid applying it on hypersensitive skin. The application of Ylang Ylang essential oil to children under 2 years of age is contraindicated. It is used only diluted in a vegetable oil.

How to use:
- as an anti-anxiety massage oil: put 6 drops of Ylang Ylang, 1 drop of Lavender essential oil, 1 drop of Orange essential oil and / or 1 drop of Mandarin essential oil. Mix all essential oils in 30ml carrier oil or vegetable oil. Gently massage on the chest, forehead and temples
- in the hot tub: put 10-15 drops together with a cup of Epsom or Himalayan salt
- as a diffuser blend: put 9 drops of Clary Sage, 6 drops of Lavender, together with 3 drops of Ylang Ylang.

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M-am acomodat cu mirosul lui pe, parcurs. Dar apoi n-am mai renunțat la el, e superb!


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Parfum minunat!


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Rodica Enache,



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