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NJoy Nature's mission is to produce and spread around the world the finest, pure and natural essential oils, oleoresins, plant extracts and floral hydrosols and other natural materials.

Oils are the essence of the life of the plant from which they are extracted. In every drop of that oil there is a drop of the therapeutic value of the plant itself. Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy, by diffusion in the environment. They stimulate the olfactory cells, transforming the chemical stimulus into an electrical impulse and reaching the brain so that they are able to offer various emotions but also relaxation. Among the benefits of using diffusion we find expectorant, digestive, rebalancing and stimulation skills. Various essential oils can also be used orally or, due to epidermal absorption, can be used in massages, baths, rinses and foot baths or as active ingredients to be added in creams and lotions, to enhance their properties. Finally, essential oils can be a special touch in the kitchen. The chemical constituents of the essences, their smell or aroma, act individually or in synergy - they always determine a global action that involves the body, both physically and mentally.

Our goal will always remain the same: to provide the purest natural products, at honest and competitive prices. We make sure that every time our clients get in touch with nJoy Nature, this is a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Our objectives:
• to produce and supply customers the most natural products and materials;
• to offer fair prices;
• to constantly document and look for new products suitable for our customers;
• to provide the highes level of customer service.


Why nJoy Nature Essential Oils?
• Because nJoy Nature means trust that nature can help us through its plants, which contain everything needed for our body to heal.
• Because 100% pure oils are obtained by natural extraction processes, which have strong and beneficial properties on us and our loved ones.
• Because smell is as important as sight and hearing, and through inhaled aromas and pure essences, we help our body heal.
• Because essential oils are for everyone and are meant to be shared with everyone, and once you start using nJoy Nature essential oils, you revolutionize not only your own health, but the health of those around you.
• Because the smell can make you think of the dear people in your life, being so easy to introduce our oils in everyday life: Lavender for restful sleep, Lemon for extra freshness on a sleeping morning, Mint for stuffy nose or Cinnamon during a cold day.
• Because nJoy Nature essential oils help us to take care of our children, to love them intensely, to calm and heal them with pure and natural aromatic essences.
• Because essential oils help us physically, emotionally and spiritually, being powerful and useful tools that promote harmony and well-being, day by day.


nJoy ❤️!

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