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nJoy Nature Kit Elements 5

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The five Elements, like other forms in the Universe, are born from vibration, they are the essence that creates the feeling of existence. In the Vedic tradition, these elements called tattwa (from Sanskrit, translated truth, principle or thatness in English) manifest a series, in which each successive element derives from its predecessor and inherits a heavier (slower) vibration. To understand the power offered by an essential oil, it is necessary to understand both the qualities and the environment of which the oil is part, and the vibration of the element of which the essential oil is part.

• The package contains 5 essential oils: Lavender, Cinnamon, Cypress, Clary Sage, Neroli

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• The bottles have 15ml and contain a dropper lid

• External use / aromatherapy / direct inhalation / cosmetic use

• Therapeutic grade / 100% pure

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Fragrances can improve your health and lifestyle. Some essential oils can help you get a restful sleep, find peace or improve your digestion; their benefits go beyond the pleasant smell.

Kit Elements 5 is a Special package, composed of 5 Essential Oils that represent the 5 Elements (Ether, Fire, Earth, Water and Air).

Lavender - Soothing, Good for Children, Reduces Stress   ETHER
The element Ether / is correlated with the sense of hearing, with the sound. The color associated with Ether is Black and the symbol in Sacred Geometry is the oval. The ether represents everything and nothing, all in one All, or unity. At the mental level, the ether is said to have control over human emotions and passions, used with confidence for spiritual discovery. Lavender essential oil, Lavandula Angustifolia, is characteristic to the element Ether. It is a complex, healing, soothing oil that can envelop us in a state of comfort and relaxation. This oil stimulates the fifth chakra, the center of communication and inspiration. Lavender essential oil harmonizes many aspects of the human condition, like any other essential oil. This remarkable oil encourages us to connect deeply with the outside world, to share our unique personal talents and inner light. Lavender cures feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and withdrawal or fear; it brings growth and spiritual evolution helping us to integrate personal experiences, which brings us a broad awareness and broad perspective on life.

Cinnamon - Antibacterial, Antiviral, Tonic & Energizing, Promotes Wellness   FIRE
The element of Fire / Agni is associated with the color dark red, the sacred symbol is the triangle and the representative sense is Vision. Represents the energy in the first states of manifestation, perceived as Light. The color of this element denotes excessive heat, is consuming, a devouring force that can be unstable and destructive. It is also seen as a catalyst for change, growth, evolution. Its main function is to restructure, fire is the catalyst in life, being the great transforming element that consumes to renew or be reborn. The oil chosen for this element is Cinnamon, Cinnamonum Zeylsnicum, an oil that envelops us in its warmth, with a sweet and energizing aroma, which refreshes our senses. Cinnamon essential oil is purifying, strengthens us through its scent and heals our mind and body. It is beneficial for strengthening the manipura chakra, the inner fire. It is an intense oil that lasts a long time and belongs to the category of spices, very appreciated for thousands of years and very valuable. It is a very useful oil if we want to use it as a protection, it balances the energy centers and is associated with the heart chakra, promoting openness and infinite love. Cinnamon oil increases fire in the system and is responsible for metabolic and digestive functions in the body.

Cypress - Soothing, Tonic & Energizing, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Immunity, Anti-oxidant   EARTH
The last element or tattwa is the Earth, or Prithvi (also known as bhumi), which means "to be" or "to exist" and is associated with the sense of smell. It also represents the earth and soil on which we live, which means existence. The representative color is matte yellow and the sacred symbol is the square.The vibration of this element is low and dense, the Earth being associated with solidification, weight or gain.The Earth element relates best to the material world and is meant to provide balance and centering for the creation of foundations and structures It provides mental stability, but is contraindicated in times of blockage, limitation or stagnation.The representative oil for the element Earth is Cypress or Cupressus Sempervirens.It comes from an evergreen tree, native to Asia, considered a sacred tree in many traditions and civilizations.It is a special purifier that can be used both in meditations (for that it increases mental concentration and clarity) as well as in other spiritual rituals. It is tonic on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally, and its woody aroma, fresh, with coniferous tones, connects us with the earth element that it proudly represents. Its aroma is particularly exotic, with strong toning and energizing effects, it successfully balances all the chakras and unlocks emotionally. Cypress essential oil stimulates the root chakra, which is closely related to the Earth and connects us with the roots we have, with the family. It is a protective oil, which strengthens us and brings us down to earth.

Clary Sage - Soothing, Promotes Wellness, Reduces Stress, Relaxes   WATER
The element Water / Water can be described as "penetrating" and is given to the sense of taste. Water has a creative influence in the material world, being the gateway to all things hidden inside us. This element is constantly changing and moving, and the results are not permanent. The representative color is silver, the sacred symbol is the crescent moon and is especially helpful for creating new spaces - emotional, physical, etc. The right oil for this item is Clary Sage, or Salvia Sclarea. This essential oil is widespread and used for spiritual purposes as a tonic that manages to maintain the balance of energies in the body. This oil has many uses not only for our physical health, but also for our emotional and mental health, so we can say that it is very useful for the mind, body and soul. Clary Sage essential oil connects us with the Feminine and balances the chakras. Its fresh and sweet aroma manages to penetrate in a harmonious and fluid way, and the warm and grassy tones induce a fresh state of relaxation and dreaming.

Neroli - Good for Children, Relaxes, Regenerates   AIR
The Air / Vayu element is associated with the smoky green color, the sacred symbol is the circle, and the representative sense is the tactile one, namely, touch. Air is gaseous in form, being associated with the wind and represents kinetic energy in all forms, electrical, chemical, vital, etc. The air represents the breath of life, it is the prana that helps us be vital. It expresses movement through contraction and expansion; it creates instability and anxiety. The element of air is responsible for intuition and spontaneity, useful especially in the moment of creation and creativity. Neroli essential oil, Citrus Aurantium, from orange blossom, represents the element of Air. It is a light oil, similar to spring and freshly blossomed flowers. This oil stimulates the second chakra (svadhisthana / sacral center) and the fourth (anahata / heart). Neroli essential oil is suitable for spiritual openness, serenity and self-acceptance, being a delight even from the first smell. The bearer of the energy of pure love and light, Neroli melts sadness and brings peace and calm. This oil is indispensable in healing early emotional traumas and is a good help during emotional crisis, suffering or sadness.

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