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nJoy Nature Kit Kids 6

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There is nothing above the love we have for our children, our responsibility is to take care of them and guide them through life. Out of love and attention for them, we created this kit of natural and quality essential oils. Kit Kids 6 is created from the need to protect and care for the emotional state, to maintain the inner and outer harmony, but also to protect the immune system of children. This kit includes 6 light and gentle essential oils, suitable for the little ones, which help us open up and enjoy the Presence with them.

• The package contains 6 Essential Oils: Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Spearmint, Frankincense, Mandarin, Tea Tree

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• The bottles are 15ml and contain a dropper lid


• External use / aromatherapy / direct inhalation / cosmetic use

• Therapeutic grade / 100% pure

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Fragrances can improve your health and lifestyle. Some essential oils can help you get a restful sleep, find peace or improve your digestion; their benefits go beyond the pleasant smell.

Roman Chamomile - Fights Insomnia, Fights Migraines, Fights Anxiety, Antidepressant, Anti-inflammatory
It is a gentle yet powerful oil, with a protective role, which calms and soothes. It helps us open ourselves to a state of harmony and calm, to free ourselves from anxieties and fears and it is very helpful when children are angry, because it charges us with self-esteem and confidence. Helps relieve baby colics, tummy aches and fights insomnia. It is also useful in case of insect bites.


Lavender - Soothing, Reduces Stress
It has a rich and fresh floral scent, being a generous and gentle oil, with countless benefits and properties. Lavender oil balances and prevents equally, strengthens the immune system and takes care of any skin type. It is also effective in skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema or acne. It brings a state of harmony both mentally and emotionally and balances the energies in the body. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Spearmint - Attention & Concentration, Elevator, Sensitive Skin
It is the mildest menthol oil, much more subtle than that of the classic Mint, due to its low menthol content, suitable for children. It is an uplifting oil that refreshes the spirit, provides mental clarity and focus. It can be used successfully in blends against headaches or stress. It energizes the system, revitalizes the mind and balances the body. It is effective for colds, lung problems or fever.

Frankincense - Against Hair Loss, Balances, Antiseptic, Centers
It has a resinous aroma, with woody shades and fresh lemon tones. The oil is mainly used for its benefits on the skin, it regenerates and rejuvenates it, perfect for scratchings, for example. Helps open spiritually, stops bleeding gums and relaxes muscle pain or cramps. It is a spiritual and purifying oil, which helps us to keep calm and concentrate, calming the mind. It is a very important oil, with many impressive and powerful properties and benefits.

Mandarin - Soothing, Fights Anxiety, Against Colic, Antidepressant
It is the most soothing in the citrus family and has a sweet and fresh aroma that blends harmoniously with that of flowers. It represents an exotic, pure and delicious synergy, loved by children and parents, the elderly and pregnant women. It is a perfect oil when we need peace and harmony, perfect for a relaxing afternoon and encourages the sleep of children and babies.

Tea Tree - Antiviral, Promotes Wellness, Purifier, Antifungal, Cleans & Refreshes
It is the most widespread and used to fight skin and mucosal infections. It is a "must-have" in the aromatherapy kit. Its aroma is fresh and strong, with earthy, woody and grassy notes, in an intense-healing combination. It strengthens confidence, fights anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

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