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How valuable can a small bottle be? But 6? Kit Value 6 is a perfect package for lovers of invaluable exotic flavors. These extraordinary essences carry you, the protagonist of this story, to wonderful places. Each essential oil in this kit has a unique story and scent that opens your gates to magical realms.

• The package contains 6 essential oils (5ml): Harshiangar, Jasmine, Neroli, Palo Santo, Rose Geranium, Sandalwood

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• The bottles are 5ml and contain a dropper lid

• External use / aromatherapy / direct inhalation / cosmetic use

• Therapeutic grade / 100% pure

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Fragrances can improve your health and lifestyle. Some essential oils can help you get a restful sleep, find peace or improve your digestion; their benefits go beyond the pleasant smell.

 - Promotes Wellness, Cold & Flu, Balances, Antiseptic, Sensitive Skin, Immunity
It translates as the night jasmine, but it is also called the flourishing jasmine of India, attributed to young brides and is a symbol of pure love. It is a valuable heating oil for the female reproductive system and facilitates birth. It is a powerful oil that unlocks energetically and balances. It is very helpful during spiritual rituals and meditation, because it reduces inhibitions, increases the power of concentration, intuition and imagination. Harshiangar essential oil helps us to open our hearts, to love more intensely and to dream more clearly and more beautifully. Its aroma is exotic, strong and warm, floral and tonic, which refreshes the senses.

Jasmine - Fights Anxiety, Fights migraines, Balances, Reduces Anxiety
Its name comes from the Persian word "jasmine", which means "God's Gift", being an oil associated with Love. This oil is a powerful one, which balances feminine and masculine energies, brings happiness in souls, due to its relaxing and 
release of fears effect. It unlocks the chakras, especially the heart, works on an emotional level, being an uplifting oil. In Ancient Egypt, the jasmine flower was attributed to goddess Isis, the goddess of fertility, healing and magic. It has a relaxing floral aroma, which opens the soul to Absolute Love, its exotic aroma harmonizes and warms and its dizzying hues give Jasmine the title of Queen of the Night.It is also a powerful aphrodisiac, which stimulates creativity and is beneficial for skin health.

Neroli - Good for Children, Relaxes, Regenerates
Neroli essential oil, extraxted from orange flowers, is an airy and light oil, similar to spring and freshly blossomed flowers. Neroli essential oil is suitable for spiritual openness, serenity and self-acceptance, being a delight from the first smell. The bearer of the energy of pure love and light, Neroli melts sadness and brings peace and calm. This oil is indispensable in healing early emotional traumas and is a good help during emotional crisis, suffering or sadness. It gives a touch of hope and promotes courage. Neroli essential oil opens us in such a way that we love ourselves unconditionally and receive love freely in our whole being. It is mainly used for skin care and emotional health, it encourages happiness and inner peace. This oil stimulates the second chakra (svadhisthana / sacral center) and the fourth (anahata / heart).

Palo Santo - Soothes cough, Combats Muscle & Joint Pain, Sensitive Skin
Palo Santo is also called the Holy Wood, it is native to Peru and is extracted from the fallen branches of the tree, which are left to soak in a process of strengthening the properties, for a period of time. It has been used by shamans and healers for centuries, in rituals, prayers and especially for healing. Its aroma removes negative energy and helps to calm. When using the wood, only dry and naturally fallen branches are taken from the ground, out of respect for the sacred properties it holds; living trees can never be cut down, being protected by law. Palo Santo is also called the Wood of Synchronicities and is similar to Frankincense, having in their composition large quantities of Limonene. Palo Santo centers, calms and helps balance the chakras. It has a unique aroma, sweet and woody, with fruity, resinous and grassy notes, with a slight hint of menthol.

Rose Granium - Balances, Sensitive Skin, Promotes Well-Being,Freshness, Tonic & Energizing
The oil is extracted from the flower's petals, by steam distillation, the plant being native to South Africa. Rose Geranium is a type of Geranium plant, with leaves and flowers that smell of rose. It is a strong, sensual, balancing oil, it is uplifting and moisturizing, known as the Oil of Happiness, bringing optimism and good mood. Used in Aromatherapy, Rose Geranium essential oil has a calming, mild sedative effect that promotes relaxation, emotional stability and well-being. Its fresh and rose aroma intertwine with that of the Geranium flower, from which we obtain a citrus-floral note, which warms and purifies. It is a gentle and elegant scent, bringing smiles. It reduces stress and tension of any kind, treats nervous system imbalances and harmonizes the soul.

Sandalwood - Anti oxidant, Promotes Well-Being, Regenerates, Anti inflammatory
Sandalwood oil is extracted from the core of the tree trunk and from the root, by steam distillation. It is an essential oil that relaxes and calms in moments of stress, regenerates and purifies, encouraging moments of introspection. Sandalwood essential oil centers and grounds, being useful in balancing the chakras, finding and maintaining inner peace. It has an exotic and sweet aroma, with woody nuances. It is rich, uplifting and intense, used in perfumes, which connects us with the energy of the earth. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac.

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